Sunday, 7 October 2012


ALL MEAT. ALL MAN. ??? What the toooot? Aku pun blurr gak tengok iklan ni. Pa kena mengena meat and man? Hahaha. Err arr? Ok. Back to the burger story. This burger consist of zinger meat, mayo, a slice of something that look like a bacon (I said look alike), a slice of cheese, another cheese and zinger meat AGAIN. No bun? Yup. No bun ladies and gentleman. OMG KFC. Can u come up with a better idea? A burger without the bun? Haiyo, mentang-mentang rega tepung dah nait. Huhu.

This afternoon, I went to KFC and ordered this. Iklan macam marvelous gila, aku pun tertifu dan order. This bunless burger kononnya sesuai for the weight watcher katanya. READ THIS --> "One of the best parts of the new burger is the fact that it contains zero carbohydrates, which is the perfect meal for weight watchers."

Mungkin benar for weight watcher because since tengah hari aku biar burger tok atas meja, sampai ke malam memang ada jak jak burger tok atas meja. Limpas ku meja, agik juak ada sia. Terus takda selera makan. Semut pun sik mok makan. Pusak pun sik mok. Tengok gambar di atas. Takda semut kan. Memang aku makan half jak. Now, aku rasa sakit tekak. Macam nak demam jak. Maybe sebab zinger tok pedas. Tambahan, nya double ZINGER. berdabel dabel lah sakit tekak. Ubat batuk cap ibu dan anak dah 2 sudu ku telan. Panadol soluble dah 1 biji ku makan.

So, conclusion nya, aku bagi DOUBLE THUMBS DOWN. Hambik ko.

Monday, 1 October 2012


Hahaha. Recently, I received SMSes from somebody that I don't know. How the hell he/she got the number is still remain a mystery. And the funnier (a.k.a anoying) part is I DONT UNDERSTAND most of the text a.k.a the XMXes (is it suppose to be SMS?) that he/she sent. Adoi. WTF. Hahaha.

SMS1: Td0r sdh . !?
ME: (sik reply)

SMS2: Epen ak ne shahrizan ska pla ko sma adik 2. .bh ko lyan dya bwa cpel cntek 2. .bek lg. .
ME: (sik reply)
SMS3: Hahax !tu Lh bkn bNgun jx d0rk Ney . !tkUt syg kLu Adiq x ikt drn pg kdi. . !
ME: (sik reply)

SMS4: Epen Ne 6ber Adik Dya Gna. K0 Xmx Cne Jak. .jgn K0 Xmx D 6ber Yg Slalu Dya Gna 2 Bpa Dya Pnya 2. .
SMS5: 0uhx!turi pla ea. . !
SMS6: Npajx Ney.... . . !?endk Pndai Rply Xmx Ney. !
SMS7: Npajx Ney.... . . !?endk Pndai Rply Xmx Ney. !
SMS8: Apen Aqe Ney Sharizan Npa k0e x rply xmx adiq. . !ne 6br dy. . !jngn k0e xmx d 6br yk tmpt kmu xmx sllu t0e . . !2 6br bapa dy!
SMS9: Apen Shahrizan Ne Xmx Dya Dkat 6ber Ne. .6ber Suriani Ne. .xmx Dya Rugi Nti K0. . .ndak Dpat Dya. .
ME: (after sms NO.9, aku dah mula menyam. blame it on me who does not inform him/her earlier that he/she sent to the wrong person. haha)
ME: cari siapa. salah nombor.
SMS10: Cri K0 Lh Apen Ne Kan. .
ME: ini bukan apen. kamu salah nombor.
SMS11: Spa Ne. .
ME: (sik reply. adoiyai, dah tau salah still want to XMX again. haha)
SMS12: 0uh! ya Kh. . !cpa kuling ney. !!?
ME: (huhu. semakin makin menyam guwe. dah inform salah number lagi mau tanya guwe shiapa)
ME: sorry. kamu salah nombor. saya tak paham apa yang kamu SMS. sori k.
SMS13: K0 Ne 0rang Italy Kah 0rg Lond0n Atau Amerika. .ndak Fham Ak Ckap 2. .0rg Mna Ne. . .
ME: (hahaha.... lawak lawak... thank you for the jokes on my lovely Saturday Weekend... tapi aku tak nak reply... hehehe)

Moral of the story, if you know that you have dialing or texting to a wrong number, please say sorry. No need to ask further information on the recipient part. Another moral of the story, if possible, if u want to use shortform when 'XMX' please use a proper shortform that can be understand by others. Haha. (Semua sms yang saya retype di atas adalah benar tanpa dimodifikasi)

Monday, 4 June 2012


arghhh... last day of gawai holiday... cant wait for another public holiday...

Saturday, 2 June 2012


My obsession towards Sereni & Shentel headbands started in 2010. The headband that makes me fall in LOVE with S&S is definitely the one-of-a-kind Kuching Cat. Back then, I even ask my BF to buy it for me. For Christmas pezen. Hahaha. Luckily he said yes to it.

This is me wearing Kuching Cat in Charcoal for Christmas 2010. I'm wearing it for Christmas ngabang (visiting). Pakai masa balik kampung and pergi rumah member-member.

And another Kuching Cat again for Christmas ngabang 2011. But this time in plum ribbon with gold acrylic stone.

I even using the Kuching Cat as Christmas tree decoration instead the normal disco ball ornaments. Creative or not? Hahaha. 

Now, my S&S collection has grow bigger. Other than Kuching Cat, I have Block Party, Mini Block Party, Lolita, Surprise, Blair, Akeem, Bunny Ears, Mini Ice-Ice Baby, Ice-Ice Baby Matte, Ice-Ice Baby Shiny, Ice-Ice Baby Luxe, Mandy, New Money, Charlotte, Zamunda, The Queen and Bow Down. Party Hat and Hen's Veil will join in soon. Will update the photo once I have gather all my precious S&S headbands. Heehee. =)


Hello there readers, friends and families. Welcome to my blog. Today marked the 1st time I'm blogging and it is on 1st June 2012. Oh yeah, hari ini dalam sejarah. And SELAMAT HARI GAWAI to all the dayak and HAPPY HOLIDAY to all Sarawakian. Haha, setelah lama aku nak berblogging, finally, here it is my 1st post.