Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Hello fellow readers. Well, my post is a bit late on the news about the Golden Screen Cinemas opening another branch at City One Megamall Kuching due to busy with something. By the way, WELCOME to Kuching GSC!!! Kedatangan another panggung wayang adalah dialu alukan to give some competition to what we already have in Kuching. I still remember back then when I was studying in peninsular Malaysia, I used to watch movie at GSC and TGV. What I love the most about GSC is non other than the POPCORN. Woohooo. Sedap oooo. There is one time when I went rayau rayau at Berjaya Times Square with my friend Nia, I stop by GSC just to buy the popcorn. Bukan nya pergi nangga wayang pun time ya. Anyway, here are the promotion bersempena dengan opening GSC in Kuching.

Today is the last day to redeem your free screening tickets. Go get it now. You may print the coupon as above and show to the ticket counter for redemption. (WARNING: the queue might be quite long)

The list of movie title that can be redeemed are as above photo.

Hehe. Check out the price printed on the ticket stubs. RM0.00. Its frEE fuwee FREEEE!!!

And tomorrow onwards there will be more activities organize by GSC Kuching. Yesterday, I saw the stage was still under preparation for the opening. Come and Join the Fun (aisehmen, ayat promo lok). 

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